So many people, all of them have their own
problem, what to do with their life, so follow me
I’m going to help to stop the agony of the freedom
“you shall save” is the first of the Ten Commandments
the price of solidarity is too high – for the reconciliation
better is to concentrate on those who our help misuse,
who parasite on us – yuk, yuk, yuk, three times yuk
check carefully if it´s not the case of yours
homeless, junkies, the poor – my Party will expel them soon

now an important lesson
how Margaret had already said: „Society doesn´t exist“
all prepay their own redemption
all for themselves, there’s no need to care about the others

hey buddy, you think the State is just a cop on the corner?
but it’s still just about It and about the God
however the God now operates with calculator and files,
with fees, tables of productivity and fines

to provide people with jobs – someone has to appear and give it to them  
come on, sweet corporations, we’re going to comfort you
those who don´t handle it, will starve
my dears, I hope you are not scared yet
if yes, we´ll send rent deregulation to your flat

don´t have a job? – no freedom for you
don´t know what to do? – nobody cares for you

right from your birth, get used to calculating
1,2,3,4,5, then the whole world you can buy
universities accessed by chip cards
don’t you have the card? then get out!
money has to flow!
disease is luxury, you have to pay extra 
an efficient life has to be short, you surely know
your old age is wealth – wealth is your old age
commercial pension fund ensures you luxury
the strong ones love life but I also think on the weak ones 
I’ll set up a suicide booth where for a penny you can die
there is always a choice, I’ll enable you to choose
if to be a burden – or from your own will –

after paying an administrative fee – and filling up an application form
eternal sleep will be granted to you

listen, this is not any ideology
but the democracy is not working anymore
it’s not profitable and it costs something too
if it was an old cow, it would already be killed long time ago
forgot the commons
think just about you, yourself and you
and the whole society will blossom out 

it’s human nature and naked truth
don’t convince us that a better model exists
you see, the common good is not expensive with us
just wait, you’ll be grateful for it
we‘ll build better future for you
we’ll guarantee certainty with no need to choose 
this offer won’t miss you in some years anyway

with our little help, society will evolve this way
we don’t force you – we’re just revealing the inevitability
the right truth we love

we can see we have enthralled you
so give us your hands and let’s go to the paradise


I´ve just tried out „bread for women“ – my pussy went pink – being wrapped in my body – stamped as a female – determined by the hormones

Hot girls to consume – with smooth faces – their looks being propelled by diesel engine – excite you for a moment and make you forget that your shoes are too tight and your chin falls 

sparking – a rape – of myself – it happens sometimes – empty inside – like a maquette – getting everything or falling down

long eyelashes – a wasp-like waists – Do I match here? – I don’t think so – I’m willing to play your game – until you’ll push me without asking – to the queue of the vaginas to use

I don’t shave – I don’t use perfumes – I don’t wait for the perfect man on my back – and I don’t like to hear stupid crap

I fart, shit and stink – and I’m proud of it
I am not a woman, I am MYSELF !!!

White man in distress

In the sunny land under the rainbow
you would expect
that when people suffer
they should help each other
but a high wall separates us from the fairytales
on all the billboards you can read
in the world you’ll succeed,
only if you care just about yourself

when many feel unsecure
those who lose, suffocate by the lack of hope
even in the deepest despair
they despise others
they feel humiliation, they feel anger
but to attack the ones on the top they fear 
the easier target – the more desire to fight for justice

Kids living in the same scum

stay against each other then

to escape sometimes is the right way

instant czech pride and proud gestures

their teacher from the school

is shouting at the “protest against the inadaptables”:

Gypsies to the gas chambers, gypsies to work!“,

children are scared more than by a witch.

At the social welfare department, all seem to be equal, right?

But not really, the Gypsies don´t pay for anything after all

and they get three times more money than others”

And I´ve also heard that the Sun rotates around the flat Earth

So try to live in an overpriced dormitory –

– be judged by the colour of your skin instead of your CV –

– and when something goes wrong be the one who´s to blame first

When there is a whisper going around the European Union

that human rights are violated in the Czech Republic

wise board and the system-servile NGOs sit down

and think about the overwhelming strategic plan against social exclusion

they fabricate procedure, they fabricate tools

but the ones who is it about

are missing, they are not involved

Gypsies should integrate, they should be civilized!”,

shouts a crowd led by racist politicians, and positive thinkers from NGOs too

not only for a moment comes to our minds

– if we, ourselves don´t live in a ghetto of alienated labor and relationships

– if what decent society offers them can replace what they already have

Salted herring

Hey, ho, here comes the reform
they want to take Universities’ freedom
and it is no coincidence

they want to train Colleges
to take from corporate/private hand
later on

The hand will dictate
autonomy will be sold
anyway, what is it good for?
if there is no money
why to pretend?

well selected students are starting to complain
give up tuition – who’s to say?
look, the problem is deeper , they prefer to pay a lot
important is to be able to choose one’s future

It is too many of us, we have to cut the numbers

And what better way to measure than with money?,

Don’t you think you think exactly

Like the pigs up in the offices?

It will not stop at 10000, as you uncle promised

I don’t know anybody who wouldn’t like the sound of tinkling coins

The state will laugh about giving subsidies

For schools for which innovation is not a prayer
and no science even for those which pray
they will research for little commission and pretend it’s all ok

You can forget about Marx, Adorno, Beauvoir
you’ll be glad you remember “the basic minimum”
wide knowledge is not profitable
philosophy turned into cash?

You will pay for registration, for your books
for your lectures and for a hallway greeting
in exam crisis you might think
why not to give a teacher a fat envelope
and pass the exam so easily?

you will work 8 days out of 7 in a week
not to look you are like a hobo and be the last to pay
do not forget in all that hurry
that thanks to tuition the university is more accessible
Hogo fogo being a student , worth more than your virginity

1968 and 1989
You’re reading right wing news (Respect magazine) and vote for right wing parties (TOP 09)
You believe to be the one to recognize
what is true and what’s a lie
When you hear “communism” you have chicken-pox
if you lived then, in red scarf you would wave
now you have blue handkerchief, a passion for the same thing
so eager to have your opinion, but you don’t think for yourself

the problem of this reform is simple
student becomes a client

With rounded debt, his loyal companion

Forever sticking these two together


Female politicians, female businesspersons

Don’t want to change the world anymore

Thank you, Aunts Suffragettes

but careerists are profiting from your ideas

sitting still

is something we do not have to do anymore

but conformity suffocates us


higher pay – higher salary

giving birth and working abreast

we do not want to diss you

but sort of activism is lobbying and reading ELLE?

Female sentiment” in politics

Is not our revolution

Female sentiment” in politics

Is a cunt/penis revolution

Hairy body, fecal, neglected hygiene

This is your mcs hydra and hyena

Liberal feminism is like a child’s gun

radical queer is on the contrary a nuclear weapon

Plastic pleasure/Marx’s fetish

Thousand sugar smiles, which I see every day

Smiles, for which I am ashamed of myself

From all the billboards, better world shines

How to resist when they appear so happy?

When I walk down the street, when I take a bus

When I take the tram, when I shit in a café restroom

Glittering eyes, bright white teeth,

This product will change your life forever

Thousand sugar smiles, which I see every day

Smiles, for which I am ashamed of myself

From all the billboards, better world shines

How to resist when they appear so happy?

Whether I want or not, in sophisticated way

They will use all weapons against me

They assure confidently: everything has already been here,

You can´t invent anything new that our world could be overridden with

Thousand sugar smiles, which I see every day

Smiles, for which I am ashamed of myself

From all the billboards, better world shines

How to resist when they appear so happy?

Things persuade me to start living real life

That I’ll be a zero if no things I own

Things pose their charms in front of my eyes

Buy us and our love is yours!

Thousand sugar smiles, which I see every day

Smiles, for which I am ashamed of myself

From all the billboards, better world shines

How to resist when they appear so happy?


I am not your pussycat – I can be screwed only by someone I want – my small body will rise against – their weapons – their plans – how to suck up this Earth and all of us

I am the anarchist – because I don´t believe that with different politicians something can change

I am the anarchist- because I don´t believe in the invisible hand of the market which covers those who own everything

I am the anarchist – because me, you, all of us want to live, not to toil just to survive

The revolt begins when you imagine this world differently!

The change begins when you imagine this world differently!

Oh yes, it is their fault

That your life is fucked up, you live in a hole

You hate the feeling that they live better life

So you feed the hateful animal inside you

When your small flame joins the other ones

When the fire spreads all over the door

You´ll find out that you have only paved the road for someone

You´ll find out that you have nowhere to hide

Squat song

While we squat, we hold each other´s shoulder

Suddenly the sound of the police siren comes

While we squat we wait for the right moment

when an empty house becomes our home

Empty house – house with people

And the landlord doesn´t see the difference?

The house occupies us in our sleep, makes us restless

Lever pliers tickle us in our pockets

Nice breeze around the house

we are sitting on the terrace pleased by the sun

the time flies by

the sounds of city rush in front of our eyes

we live from what we find

as our ancestors did

you force us to go shopping?

we rather check the garbage on the street

We are pirates on the city waves

Ladronka, Milada, Šafránka

And also Sochorka, Emilka, Viktorie (ex-squats)

The girls who had their style and the had something to offer

Don´t forget, it is not just a history

They aren´t alive anymore, but it is not the end

We are following our dream

We know it can work

And it gives you small piece of freedom even in this system

You call us vagabonds, you call us losers

Yeah, and you might be right

But I still don´t know

What´s so wrong about it

We do not hunt for careers

We do not profit from somebody else

We do not spoil our lives with a job

And maybe that´s the reason why we are pissing them off

This house is not just ours

It returns as much as you give to it

The afternoon for the mothers with children

In the evening we make concert, technoparty

We wanna live with the neighbours – with our city

There is infoshop, café, concert hall

Children´s corner, football pitch

So throw away your prejudices and pop in (for a coffee)

Ladronka, Milada, Šafránka

And also Sochorka, Emilka, Viktorie (ex-squats)

The girls who had their style and the had something to offer

Don´t forget, it is not just a history

They aren´t alive anymore, but it is not the end

We are following our dream

We know it can work

And it gives you small piece of freedom even in this system

Pole in fog

I run about – I chase – I’m in a hurry
I pretend – I’m proud – I seduce
it’s not real after all, it’s just an illusion
life’s somewhere else

everybody lives like this, I’ve heard
although it may sound strange
everybody lives like this, I’ve heard
therefore it’s normal?

I watch people swarming
all efforts leading nowhere
self-hatred pushes us to all these grand gestures
we raise our head
just when even bigger losers pass by
then we can breathe freely for a moment and proudly say „I“ 

all plans leave bad taste behind
we don’t know what we really want and what we’re forced to by a big eye
to hold shape and to do all the tasks
we sell ourselves in exchange for admiration and plastic treasures, 
or we look for the right one for us
as we would be less alone with him/her
as we would be almost complete
as we wouldn’t be drowning 

what do you think all the redemptive bridges are?
your black and white glasses – your crusades and obsessions
hatred to others is nothing else than an effort not to puke from yourself
– the same for the Rotchilds and for the poor
at least in this despair we’re a little bit more equal

united we bear a flag of mutual hatred
we try to kill the bedbug which we feed in us since we were born

it’s hard to care about public affairs
when we try to fill emptiness in ourselves,
to built a monument which would resemble us
we’ll confide to each other or to the sheet of paper
to make our lives more bearable
because we can’t live like this much longer
this is self-deception, depression
self-reflection and self-opression
from neurotic heads of Fakné
we feel like poles in fog
oh yeah

An ode

for being here we have plenty of reasons
it’s good to embarrass yourself sometimes
two, three punx who can’t play guitar
opened youtube website and started to rap
Food not bombs put us together
cheeky girls cooked for all who were hungry
for the first time by the pot of vegan gulash 
to rap appeared as something we want to do

beautiful bodies and souls even more
and Leny, am I pretty today?
we write lyrics between anxiety attacks
we squeeze it from ourselves like pimples
resignated trio solve its complexes out
but it’s not possible to think just about ourselves
although we won’t change world with mike in our hands
at least we won’t suffocate by rage with shouted mouths

we don’t forget our roots
we won’t pretend we’re tough girls from the street
we’re clinged to middle class by umbilical cord
no growing up in poverty
we’re pissed off enough by this sewer controlled by rats anyway
Žižkov, Vinohrady, Krč (districts of Prague)
put your finger through your throat (a rhyme in Czech 

we don’t want to hear your name
and we won’t say yours
put hands down
Karel (Schwarzenberg, conservative politician) is not worth of it
money can’t pay the price 
we won’t rap when we’ll be out of opinions
we don’t want to make jokes without a point
to produce glittering twaddle with no content
and to sell ourselves
when you download our music, we won’t curse you
anyway, our flow is very slow
and our hip hop skill is so ill
our break dance is hypno trance
our invisible DJ haven’t been seen yet
but the beats, blood is boiling
we want to show how we feel about world
but ego is looking for something more too
what world do to the others


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